Bettendorf Chiropractor Dr. Picchiotti of QC Core Chiropractic is the New Face of 50!

By Mark McLaughlin

Bettendorf Chiropractor Doctor Robert Picchiotti

Dr. Robert Picchiotti of QC Core Chiropractic on the cover of 50 Plus

This issue’s cover Quad-Citian, Robert S. Picchiotti, DC, chiropractor and founder of QC Core Chiropractic Wellness Center, just turned 50, but one would never guess by looking at him. He maintains a fit, youthful appearance by following an active health regimen.

Robert believes a healthy life is supported by the Three Pillars of Wellness – Exercise, Nutrition, and Lifestyle. He is able to share this information with his patients with confidence: he knows it works, because it is how he lives his life.

“You can exercise like crazy,” he said, “but if you eat an unhealthy diet, or engage in unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking, you’ll never be as “well” as you could be.” Robert rarely eats artificial or enhanced foods, never uses tobacco products, and observes moderation when enjoying beverages like coffee and alcohol.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a passion with Robert. “Since my youth exercising was just natural for me.  It was actually fun and helped calm my mind. It wasn’t until my 30’s that I started noticing how much better I felt when I would eat healthy as well.  As a chiropractic physician it is my obligation to help my patients discover their path of health and wellness.  Chiropractic care embraces this lifestyle.  It was a natural career choice for me.

Robert offers this advice to 50+ Lifestyle readers. “Never start thinking that you’re too old to embark on a healthier lifestyle.  You’re never too old to try new things.  Along the way laugh a little and act like a kid. If your goal is to be active into your 50’s, 70’s and 90’s, you have to make the time. It may mean spending a little less time watching TV, hanging out at the bars or posting on Facebook, but it will be well worth it.”

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