Bettendorf’s QC Core Chiropractic treat athletes at Kids Triathlon

bettendorf chiropractor at kids triathlon

Hy-Vee Pinky Swear Kids Triathlon had many athletes this year and the Doctors at QC Core Chiropractic of Bettendorf where there. The Doctors helped these young athletes before and after their event offering chiropractic adjustments and ART (Active Release Technique) stretching.Athletes helped by best chiropractor in Quad Cities




Young athletes helped to perform their best by the QC Core Team.




Best Chiropractor in Bettendorf


Dr. Picchiotti performing ART on Alexis Cummins who was the 15 year old female winner in her age group.





best chiropractor of bettendorf quad cities



Dr. Marquez helping Kennan Dolan the 15 year old male winner of his age group.




Congratulations to all the participants! The QC Core team was excited to help out all the athletes and such a great cause find out more at Kids Triathlons