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Dr. Marquez Bettendorf Chiropractor on WQAD “Bike Rage” story


Quad City singer hurt in “bike rage” incident

Posted 4:43 pm, September 8, 2015, by Chris Minor, Updated at 10:44am, September 9, 2015

A Bettendorf bicyclist says she and her husband are victims of bike rage and is trying to find the woman she says ran her off the road.

“I was run off the road by this woman who was angry, she was very aggressive in letting us know she wanted us out from in front of her car. She was laying on the horn, driving so close to us,” said Liz Treiber.

Treiber and her bike crashed on gravel on the side of Devil’s Glen Road.

“She had no remorse. She wasn’t asking if I was okay once I crashed. She just yelled at my husband and kept going,” she said.

It felt like her arm was broken, but a trip to the emergency room revealed a bad sprain.

Dr. Eduardo Marquez, a Bettendorf chiropractor, says it’s not the only case of “bike rage” he has seen at the office recently.

“I would say in the last month we have seen an increase in these kinds of incidents where people or bikes have been hit or ran off the road,” said Dr. Marquez.

“We’re seeing a lot of sprains and strains from falling off the bike. No broken bones yet,” he said.

Treiber is the lead singer and plays guitar in the band Wicked Liz and the Bellyswirls. She cancelled a Friday night performance in Wisconsin.

“I can sing, but I can’t play guitar right now. This will heal, but it could have been a lot worse. A little kid? It would be devastating,” she said.

She and her husband filed a police report and turned to Facebook to find the driver.

“We got the first three letters of her license plate. We told police she drives a red four door Lexus. I want to find this woman,” she said.

Content taken from wqad.com.

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